Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Coastal Decorating Trend: Nautical Anchors and Rope Patterns

I am still sorting through photos and catalogs from the Las Vegas Market.  So of course, I have one more trend to show you - anchors, more anchors and nautical rope patterns in every kind of home decorating product for spring and summer.  

Here are a few of the items that I managed to snap pics of -

1st on the list: Fun area rugs with details of  rope and anchor twists in all kinds of colors!  
(will be available after May 2014)

Luxury down-filled oversized pillows in classic nautical patterns and colors! Another discovery of fabulous Made in America product - will be available on our website within the next week.

Embroidered Pillows - love to mix and match some "nautical" themes with seashells and sealife!  
(P.S. All of these can be found on our website)

We found some really interesting art pieces - love these carved nautical and sealife panels!  (The rattan lighting is pretty awesome too.)

We saw a lot of  different "rope" lamps - I am excited about all of the different styles that are coming on the market.  From beach cottage looks to more coastal sophistication.   This "monkey fist" knot lamp was one of the cute (affordable) beach cottage styles that we spotted!

Thought these thick rope handled clear Lucite trays were really awesome.  Would make a great gift for a boater!  (hoping to have these available for our customers this spring)

This set of navy blue and white vases is just one example of the different kinds of nautical home accents that we discovered. What do you think of the propeller?  I am not sure what I think.... but I do like the anchor and the ship's wheel.

So crazy about these new anchor barware glasses!  

I am very encouraged, as this nautical trend only seems to grow,  and more interesting rugs, lamps and home accents become available for our customers.   There is just more options to fit every budget, lifestyle and decorating style.

Make sure to check out our "Nautical Decorating" category for more ideas like these! 

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