Friday, January 14, 2011

Beach House Photo Friday - Gig Harbor

Pretty soon we will be offering my friend, (Judy) "Just Beachy's" creations on the Caron's Beach House website - look for her incredible sea shell art creations in the very near future.

 In the meantime, I just have to show you a photo she sent me from her deck this past week during a rare snowfall on the water in Puget Sound.  This is Judy and Gordon's deck overlooking the water - actually just steps to the beach!    When Tom and I were invited to their house just after Christmas we were blown away by how close the sea lions swam next to their bulkhead.

Very very excited to be able to introduce Judy's art in the next few weeks!  Here's just a quick sample of one of her creative shell wreaths -

Monday, January 10, 2011

Fort Funston Beach - Dog Lovers Paradise (Sea Glass Heaven too!)

Sunday in San Francisco,  39 degrees, nothing but blue sky stretching in every direction.  My kind of day to explore a new beach and breathe fresh salt air. It was so gorgeous and sunny - we didn't even feel the cold!

 My inner mermaid has been experiencing total withdrawal from the sea, it was starting to become a real problem.  You know the drill, scatter brain thoughts, dried out skin, a few tears..... Thank goodness, I have a boyfriend that can recognize the danger signs and knows when to head for the beach!

We are so lucky to live right on the Pacific Ocean, with so many public parks and easily accessible beaches all part of The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, including Fort Funston - just south of San Francisco, on the Great Highway. 

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"The Golden Gate National Parks stretch 70 miles north and south of the Golden Gate Bridge, creating a 80,400 acre greenbelt along the Pacific Ocean. The parks include ancient redwoods, historic landmarks, miles of trails, rocky shorelines, rare and endangered species, lush coastal wilderness, and breathtaking vistas."  

I, for one can certainly attest to the absolute beauty of our California Coast here in the Bay Area.   Can never get enough sand in my shoes... or in my pockets... or in my car...

We have had many beach friends recommend a walk on Fort Funston Beach - no one told us that it was a dog lover's paradise.  

Oh mi - dogs everywhere in the park having a great time chasing balls,  birds and each other.  And of course,  running in the surf! 

Look at this happy girl!

  And, now look at what I found washed up on the shore - this first handful of sea glass after only walking on the beach for about 15 minutes!  A few tiny pieces of cobalt blue, a variety of green, lots of clear/white glass that was so tumbled it looked like spun sugar... couldn't stop putting these beauties in my Liberty Bay book bag (Liberty Bay beach bag!)

Green tumbled glass resembling and Ike and Mike candy! 

More iridescent green gems...

Tom always finds the best pieces - this oval frosted white piece is about 1.75" long.  So perfectly tumbled by the sea.

My prize piece.  A tiny yellow sea worn sea glass chunk wedged in some rocks.  So excited!  I have never found a yellow piece of glass!

Fort Funston beach was littered with all shapes and sizes of sand dollars. A little challenging to find some whole shells, ones that were not cracked open by sea gulls, or broken in the Pacific surf.

Here's one pretty one that we did take home!

Hmmm, now what to do with all of my beach combing treasures?  

P.S.  We don't have a dog, but here are some local San Francisco beaches to take your dog!

Fort Funston:

Golden Gate Park:

For a full list of dog parks in Golden Gate National Parks

Monday, January 3, 2011

Seashells Surrounding a Fireplace Mantle

Had to share this creative idea sent to me by a customer in Arizona! (Don't you just love her beach framed art too?)

She bought four of our 24" seashell swags from Nantucket,  and then put them all together surrounding her fireplace mantel.  Wow - what a unique idea to recreate a coastal theme in your living room! 

 I love it when our customers share their ideas with us.  Makes my job more than fun! 

Have a great week - looks like sunshine and blue skies here in San Francisco.  
Wishing you all the same for your coasts.

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