Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Ballard Annex - Oyster House

The Ballard Annex Oyster House was recommended to us by several friends, so we thought we had better check it out on our annual Pacific Northwest trip this summer. We've been to the Walrus and Carpenter (also in Ballard) a few times, but it's always so crowded and the wait is pretty long.  We were glad to find one more unique place to go for fresh local oysters and seafood!  (Walrus and Carpenter story)

Right on Ballard Ave. in the middle of unique shops and fun trendy restaurants, you can't miss it.

Especially with their cleverly worded sign-board outside!

Allison leading the way...looking a little "crabby"  (She just loves her picture taken; NOT)

Tom is in Heaven! The Ballard Annex had (s) a complete selection of locally sourced Pacific Northwest oysters; Hamma Hammas, Quilcene's, tiny Olympias...

I loved the artwork, and cool nautical rope decor throughout the restaurant. So much fun!   Can you see the snow-capped Olympic Mountains in the background behind the octopus tentacles and "captured" ships?  Love the school house lighting fixtures too!

I am thinking that this taught rope look would make fabulous "pickets" on a stairwell - 

Did I mention that Tom was in Oyster Heaven? $1.50 Happy Hour Oysters!  Not to mention the really delish cocktails...  (It was 92 degrees in the shade and we were more than ready for cold drinks) As you all know, I don't eat the oysters, but Allison and  I did order the "bubbles"!

Allison was quite the trooper and did try a few oysters - (way more than me!)

 From the look on her face, I don't think she's decided if she's oyster fan or not. Tom is still trying to convince her...

Trying to remember, but I think this was only Tom's first round Hamma Hammas (Hood Canal Oysters) and the Maritime IPA.  He was a happy boyfriend.  It was the least that I could do after  dragging him to the Fremont Flea Market on a 90 degree plus Sunday in Seattle. (more on that later!)

Yep, I know that we will be back.  Any of our Seattle friends want to join us?

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