Friday, August 16, 2013

Solitary Soul - Photographic Love Notes of New England Coastal Life

Meet my ocean friend Sandra Goroff.  She has published a new book of her collected works of photography on the New England Coast, coming out this fall.  Sandra was gracious enough to share her work and a few of her images with me.  Enjoy!

After thirty years of promoting other people and other people's books, it is fun to be able to share news of my own book of photography -- SOLITARY SOUL -- which is coming out this fall.

Like you, I am drawn to the ocean; I love everything about it and have found myself living near it in almost every house, apartment and condo that i have ever rented or owned. Here in New England, we are blessed with gorgeous coastlines from lovely little Rhode Island to the dramatic shores of Maine, where i spent many beloved and memorable summers.

I come from a family of artists; my mother painted up to the time of her death at age 95. I cannot remember a time when I didn't paint or draw. My love of photography came a little later though i found myself framing images of things, people and places in my mind from way back.

I am especially taken with and interested in light -- the way it changes -- the way it reflects onto the water. When I summered in Maine, I sat on the deck overlooking the marsh watching tidal changes, fog and cloud formations.  Here in New England we have is a saying, "if you don't like the weather, stick around a little bit." Our weather literally changes by the hour.

SOLITARY SOUL is a love note of sorts -- a slender collection of photographs --almost all from New England and many taken by the ocean in the various places I adore. Among the more memorable shots are ones of a small girl -- still in her pajamas -- walking in the fog on Wells Beach in Maine. I spotted her from a distance and ran as fast and as quietly as I could to get my shot.

Another shows a charming older man in a three piece suit and hat on a beach boardwalk. He is dressed in his Sunday best on a hot July day  -- perfectly and serenely posed as if he had been waiting for me to take his picture.

These places and people take on a special meaning to me -- I form relationships with them over time through the photographs I have taken. I say in the introduction to SOLITARY SOUL, "I am my most honest behind the camera because these images tell my story too."  The ocean is part of my story too.

For more about Sandra Goroff's photographic journey and where to pre-order her new book, Solitary Soul, check out her page on, and her excellent write up in Publisher's Weekly, "Boston Publicist Turns Author".

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jmac said...

WOW!! only words I can muster right now.
I am a freelance photographer from the deep south, who is also a sailor who sails the seas to photograph beauty for magazines. I have a girlfriend trip planned for Cape Cod the third week of Sept. and am so excited for I have never been to this part of the country. Have traveled to many places in the world; yet have missed some of the great places of our own country. I am so excited to see this author's work..will be ordering this book. My hope is that I can capture some images like you have shown us here!!!

Sandra Goroff said...

I am thrilled you like the photos; thank you. When you go to Cape Cod, consider taking the ferry (from Woods Hole -- next to Falmouth)over to Martha's Vineyard or to the island of Nantucket. I know you will have a wonderful time. Thanks again for your note Warmly, Sandy

Caron's Beach House said...

Jmac - So glad you liked Sandra's work! We were very excited to have her as a guest blogger this week.

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