Sunday, February 22, 2015

Creating a Beach House Bookshelf

I admit it, I have a book "problem". Addiction might be a better description; Interior Design, Travel, Coastal Cookbooks, business tomes and of course, a favorite novel or two.... 

They are stacked all over the floor in my office, (I already used up all the space in my built in "closet" bookshelves) hiding in nooks and crannies in my bedroom, on top of the dresser and window frame in my guest room, and stacked on our living room floor...

We moved closer to the beach in August, and I have not had a spare second to figure out a new bookshelf and reading corner in our new place.  After getting ready for company this past weekend, it has become suddenly very evident that I need to figure out something quickly. We have plenty of wall space and extra corner space, not to just need to configure  the space right. (and find the right furniture!)

Here's a few ideas that I have been collecting!   What do you think?

So wish I had a nook like this! I could hide away from the world. Not sure if I would spend my time reading though, probably would just stare out at the harbor... (so sorry - not sure of the actual image source!) 

From Country Living Magazine, an adorable reading spot complete with built in bench and cozy pillows.   Love the color!  (there's not quite enough books on this shelf though!) 

What a fun project from Thrifty Decor Chick!  If only I had someone small at my house, I would definitely try this.  A remodeled unused closet with a new little padded bench and built in book shelves.  The nautical themed light is perfect to light up this snuggle spot.

Love this space!  Especially the extra built in space above the door frame. (so sorry - not sure of the actual image source!) 

What a great use of a view corner! Pretty bookshelves underneath the windows creates an instant window seat.  Not crazy about these particular cushions, but love the idea. (found on, but probably not the original source)

If only we had the space for a complete little room like this!  Love the lights above the shelves...(original image source unknown)

From my friend Victoria at - LOVE how her shelves in her San Francisco Cottage turned out!  Sleek, modern and spaces for books and treasures..  Must see the whole blog post for her special pics. 

Only in my dreams.... but how I lust after those teal velvet cushions.

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