Friday, November 11, 2011

Beach House Inspiration Friday #7 - Indigo Blues

To be honest, this is my dream one day.... to have with a nautical chart covering one accent wall in my house.  I found this inspiration photo at House Beautiful almost a year ago, and am still in love with the idea.  Not only does the chart wall scream "nautical" and "sea",  but I am crazy about the dark indigo wall.  

Indigo is rich, dark, cozy, enveloping, I need this color in my next house.  Blues can be fresh,clean and almost a "cool" color, indigo says something else entirely.

Get the look with these accessories!

Etsy has lots of vinyl wall decals that would work until you could actually sketch out your chart - great ideas.
This compass rose is from Empire Studios on Etsy.,  I want this one, as I cannot draw and could probably figure out how to get this up straight!

Like the idea of a dark based lamp,  linen shade with a botanical appliqued sea creature.  Sort of traditional with a twist!

Or maybe the idea of a simple clean lines of this Regatta Lamp?   Classic nautical style with dark blue piping and rope-like accents.....

And of course you  must have the right luxury pillows....velvet, linen, down-filled

My room would need a throw to complete the look.   I like to be a little cozy with my glass of wine and a favorite juicy romance novel!

Have a wonderful Veteran's weekend everyone!  Please thank them for all of their service to our country and for not only their sacrifices, but for their families.

Think about supporting a Veteran's Family Organization this weekend, I know that Tom and I will be discussing it. A simple Google search will bring up a variety of options.  It's such an important mission to our First Lady, Michelle Obama. 

Here's one to start with  - United We Serve


Anonymous said...

HI Caron - love the coastal ideas and, also, thanks for remembering our dear Vets...and the organization suggestion! I give a monthly to a soldiers coming home/de-stressing organization...

Best Wishes! Love all your items!

beachside cottage

Everything Coastal said...

Linda -
Thanks for your comments! I have real admiration for what Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are doing for our countries' veterans and especially for their families. Have a great weekend!


a quiet life said...

its so hard seeing so much cute stuff... i have a tiny sea cottage and no space for another thing, yet everytime i see something i like i crave it :(

alice said...

You could get a projector and sketch out what you want to paint. That wouldn't be too hard. I love all the neat ideas.

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