Monday, November 7, 2011

Beach Decor for Fall Tip - Candlelight

We are pretty lucky to live right on the edge of so many wine regions here in Northern California; Napa, Livermore, Sonoma, Dry Creek Valley, Russian River Valley, Mendocino (on my birthday list!), Monterey Bay County, Los Gatos (in the Santa Cruz foothills) and the Sonoma Coast.

Needless to say, we have spent some time doing a little wine country exploring. (wine barrels at Concannon during their Fall 2010 Release Party)

Two things that our friends want to do when they come to the Bay Area; go to the beach, and go wine tasting. 

(picture taken at Gourmet Au Bay in Bodega Bay on the Sonoma Coast) 

Here we are with Suzanne and Cami on our whirlwind tour of Ladera Winery on Howell Mountain in Napa this past April.  It's one of our absolute favorite places to take our friends.

Fabulous day - we even got to see Robert Redford!!!  

Our family likes to go too!  (At Concannon with my kids, Allison and Alex, last November for Thanksgiving.)

We don't mind.  In fact, we have joined more than one wine club and have become pretty good tour guides!  It's been great fun, and we've created some wonderful memories with friends when they've come to visit.  

Now, what to do with all of the corks that I have saved?  I can't bear to simply throw them out, most of them have designs from the wineries, and for me it's a way to keep those memories of fun times with friends and family,  or romantic occasions with Tom....

Ah ha!  Saw a cool idea on Pinterest - using the corks in a candle hurricane vase, and thought I could probably recreate it with a coastal twist, adding sea glass and a few shells.  

Ingredients: (pretty darn simple!)
*1 large glass vase
*1 small glass vase (I used a skinny jar - recycled!)
assortment of wine corks
*sea glass - I kept mine to green, amber and white for fall 
*small seashells

Simply place the smaller glass vase inside of the larger glass vase 
and start layering with the corks and the sea glass.


So easy, even I could do this project!

We'll be linking over at Boogieboard Cottage today!  


Sunflowers With Smiles said...


Such a cute idea.....I have several corks that I have saved in the past. I also date certain ones that were special to me (anniversary, birthday, family gatherings) etc.

Love your blog.....I am a new follower.

Everything Coastal said...

Thanks for being a new follower! I wandered over to your blog night - planning to spend more time exploring later today!


Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

That's a good idea - though I have enough corks for one hundred of them! I'm wondering if I could compost them...

Everything Coastal said...

Tricia -
I have boxes of corks- oh, did I say that?

Ann said...

That is a nice idea for corks.

Wine Tasting seems so much fun,
haven't done it yet... oh but one day *sigh*

michelle said...

I would love to go wine tasting there, it is so beautiful! We were supposed to go to Sonoma when we were out in SF but I got sick. :( I love the corks, that is a cute idea. :)

Seawashed said...

Caron, Thank you so much for including my blog in your list. You are welcome to use any of my photos on the sidebar for a button...they are smaller images. On my Seawashed blog I have the Sea Cottage header image as a button in the sidebar. Or you could use any of my sanddollars in the sidebar. The tiniest sanddollar is the one of use for my Facebook button and you are welcome to use it. Just click and save. I so appreciate the exposure! I can't believe you got to see Robert Redford!!! I would be thrilled. You seem to always be in the right place at the right time. I also know where Concannon Winery is...I grew up in Livermore. My parents still live in the home I grew up in from age 2! One of these days we will run into each other. ox

Melissah said...

What a perfect place to live - 2 star attractions - you must have lots of visitors!
Melissah from Coastal Style

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