Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Autumn Table Scape Ideas for the Coast #7 - Oysters

As you all know... I am not a fan of eating oysters, but I do love their beautiful shells.  (I have the scars to prove it!)  Oyster season is at its' best during the fall and winter months - plump and juicy for Tom, pretty mother-of-pearl shells for me.

We've just added these fun Linen Table Runners with Oysters and Orange Coral  to our site this week - I think they would be perfect for a beachy Thanksgiving table!

Add some polished silver pieces, coastal glassware, pretty plates and serve some oyster stuffing and you will have a party!

Might need a few of these elegant polished oyster salt cellars for your table too.  (love them!)

Yes, believe it or not, I will eat oyster stuffing. I actually made some last year with our local Hog Island oysters. (Click here to read my recipe!)

Create the look at your house!

Maybe some pretty red-orange coral bowls...

or maybe just a large white faux oyster-clam shell for your centerpiece? Think about filling this with silver and orange fall decor!

This could be a really fun party!  What time can we expect you?

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