Saturday, April 9, 2011

Capitola Village Fund Raiser April 9th

Sent to me by my friend Polly Shultze, owner of Village Sea Glass in Capitola... 

"Calling all beach lovers! On March 26, 2011 Capitola Village, CA was struck by a flash flood caused by a broken drainage pipe. Many merchants suffered loss and damage but are vowing to carry on. On Saturday April 9th there will be a Village Revival Party from noon to sundown in the Village with live music, face painters, dunk tank, raffles and a donation booth. If you are local, please come support and     celebrate the Capitola Village! See you 
there!"  (picture of the March 26 flood) 

Tom and I took a drive down to Capitola last Saturday, just days after the flood and were shocked to see the damage to this quaint, colorful village just south of Santa Cruz.  Many merchants will not be able to reopen for months - buildings damaged, lost merchandise.  A terrible tragedy for this close knit community.  If you are local, your support to help them rebuild is so much appreciated!

Capitola is one of our favorite day trips down the coast, wonderful shop owners and fabulous restaurants. Last Saturday we simply sat at the boardwalk, watched a surfing competition and the many beachcombers while eating our pb & j picnic. Just had to share their creative art community's hand painted tiles - so fun and so beachy!

Have a great weekend everyone! 


seanymph said...

OMG!! Im shocked to see this! Every yr. my church had a retreat down that way and one day each time, we would make a day of shopping there. I love, love, love Capitola! I no longer live there but I do feel bad for them......and hope they will be able to fix it all and reopen.

Beach House Living said...

Gracious that is so sad. Hopefully the fundraiser will help. Every bit helps.

michelle said...

That is so sad. I have never been there but any kind of damage like that for a town is devastating. I hope they can get things cleaned up soon and be up and running.

Simple Daisy said...

Oh my. That is just so sad:(
Sure hope they get things restored quickly.

Seaside Style said...

Caron, so sad! We see devastation all the time. Just can't imagine it.The fund raiser will be great.!

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