Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Chappy Wraps - Luxury in a Blanket

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We are crazy about our new discovery of Chappy Wraps!  Super soft, luxurious, throw blankets that are absolutely perfect for all seasons at the coast.

These irresistibly soft blankets are perfect for a cool day on the boat, a fall soccer game, snuggling in bed or sitting by a bonfire. We look at a lot of product to feature at Caron's Beach House, and we were simply amazed at how soft and cuddly these throws really are! 

Generously over-sized at 60" x 80" to cover you from head to toe, all reversible, machine washable and extremely durable. Wash them and they keep their fluffy feel coming out of the laundry like new, year after year. 

Chappy Wraps are 60% cotton to provide extra fluffiness, 33% acrylic and 7% polyester to prevent shrinkage and pilling.

An essential decorating accent for cool nights at the coast or onboard your boat!  Designed to last a lifetime at your beach home with upbeat colors and bold happy patterns to fit any decor or passion, 

Far better than an average throw blanket!  Chappy Wrap's soft and huggable cotton blend will comfortably cover two people and are large enough to use as a bed blanket or as a generous throw. 

Great gift idea for yourself or your favorite beach combing friend! Come see our collection of Chappy Wraps

Note - Free Shipping Promotion Ends July 10

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