Saturday, September 17, 2011

Coastal Wildflowers In the Dunes...

Yesterday we volunteered with Tom's company to do a little "weeding" in the dunes at Half Moon Bay.  Non-native plants vs. native plants, who knew there was a difference?

For almost 3 hours we pulled out mustard plants, purple radish, ouchy thistle plants and white hemlock plants (super poisonous).   They all have bright, pretty flowers, and look so innocent, but apparently they have taken over and are choking out all of the native California coastal plants.

Animals and birds that live on the coast get confused because they don't eat the non-native plants, so it's really important to restore the native vegetation. With many volunteers, and with  many  hours of hard work,  the park service has done a fabulous job!

Now that I know which ones are not the "good" plants, I am sure that I will be yanking them out of the ground on our beach walks. These Pink Naked Ladies are one of these that I will be pulling . Dang, I like those!  Maybe I will just bring them home and put them in a pot on my deck?

Yeah, I am now sure that I drive Tom crazy.  (he is such a good sport!)  Hmm.. thinking that gardening gloves might be one  more thing to throw in my beach bag?

The day was well worth it.  We all felt like we had accomplished something when we looked around at the piles of "misplaced" plants that we had managed to pull out of the dunes.

The day ended with my blonde hair full of sticky, (like tar-pitchy sticky) seeds and burrs.  Ah,  I was the picture of loveliness!

 But, I did manage to catch this tiny honey bee nestled among the bright yellow petals of this native evening primrose....

2 comments: said...

That whole "non-native plants vs. native plants" situation can be a pain. We have that up here too. At least you got to enjoy the pretty plants before you pulled them up! LOL! and got some great photos too. :O)

Have a lovely weekend.

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

What a great effort - we do the same thing in Australia. If the local community doesn't volunteer & pitch in these things sometimes never get done!

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