Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sea Gem Studios - Pacific Northwest Sea Glass Creations

Meet my new friend Diana of Sea Gem Studios.  Like me, Diana has a passion for beach combing, but she actually has the talent to make fabulous jewelry out of her beach finds.   I am very excited to introduce her creations to all of you, and am also very excited to feature her sea glass jewelry on the Caron's Beach House website!

From Diana-

I am an interior designer inspired by the sea to create one of a kind Sea Gem jewelry. The summer sea breeze is captured in each piece of glass then transformed into beach art to wear everyday. What could be better than taking the beach with you wherever you go? Come on in the water is fine!!!

I love the beach!! The waves, the sand, the rocks, and the sun - when it's out. My perfect day is strolling along the beach with the sand between my toes while the sun slowly falls into the sea.  I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and Southern California. The beach was my favorite spot as a kid, whether it be in the San Juan Islands or Zuma 6.

10 years ago we started camping in the summer along the coast of Washington. This renewed my childhood love of the beach. I can still sit for hours watching the waves waiting for the sunset. It’s my happy place.

My friend Sue introduced me to sea glass. Her family could spend hours searching for tiny shards amongst the rocks. After the first piece I was hooked. We would have a contest each time to see who could find the biggest blue piece. Sometimes the winner won an ice cream. This could keep the kids busy for hours.

Soon I had jars of glass in my house. I love all the colors of the beach!  A beach theme started in my half bath and moved into the family room.  Sea glass inspired my decor at home and my collection of sea glass or should I say the abundance of sea glass inspired me to create my unique jewelry designs. My friend Anne of Chickie Poo made beautiful jewelry soldering glass. One day I thought, Why couldn’t I do the same thing with sea glass? Anne was kind enough to give me a lesson. 

After much trial and error my craft was born. I can make beautiful jewelry out of the wonderful sea gems found on the shore.

My designs are inspired by the sea and by fashion. Sea glass truly is a Gem from the sea, tumbled 30-50 years, or more, by the power of the ocean crashing on the rocks and sand. Each piece is unique and stunningly beautiful.  To me sea glass is a treasure discarded as trash then transformed into a lovely Gem of the Sea.

Keep your toes in the sand!
Sea Gem Studio

P.S. All of the sea glass jewelry in this post can be found in the "Beach Artisan" category on the Caron's site:


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Lovely pieces!!

michelle said...

Really beautiful!!!!

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Beautiful jewelry. I especially love the earrings in the last picture.

I could spend hours walking along the beach too :-)


Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway and helping to spread the word :-) Good luck!

Tricia Rose said...

Just gorgeous Caron~

jmac said...

OH.MY.GAWD............My christmas shopping will be done when I finish with this site. I'm a sea glass whore, excuse the word, but I cannot help it. I love for me. I love it for my friends. I love the history of it. Cannot wait to peruse this blog!!!!!

Flotsam Friends said...

These are simply stunning! And made with love. Pruxxx

simpledaisy said...

Lovely....just lovely:)

vicki said...

How absolutely wonderful is this! The glass photos are wonderful and the earrings - OMG they are so lovely! This blog is so perfect for those of us who LOVE the coast and all that is a part of that lifestyle!


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