Monday, May 4, 2009

Why Seaglass?

Wow! First day of writing a blog for the new website - very excited to be trying something new. Hoping to build a community of beach lovers, seaglass collectors and people who truly love their lives at the beach.

Growing up on the beach was the most wonderful gift that my parents could have given me. Hours spent dreaming of far away places as the waves crashed on the beach, picking up flotsam and jetsam thinking of how far those things must have traveled to end up on my little part of the coast. Funny thing is, I actually never got very far from home...

I am sure that my mom and dad thought I was nuts when I collected seaglass and had stashes of it all over the house! Still do, can't help myself. Walking on the beach becomes a hunt for colors and shapes glinting in the tide; aqua, cobalt blue, pinks, purple, sandwashed and shaped by the tide Having a bad day? Put on the beach shoes (beat-up keds are my favorite!), jacket
with big pockets and an extra bag...somehow everything seems clearer when I come home with new treasures to add to my growing collection.


billco said...

Following you on Twitter. I have got to get into this sea glass stuff. I've probably walked over a ton of it, and didn't think to pick it up.

Very nice blog.

Anji Gallanos said...

Hey I just found you via another twitterer. I collect sea glass in sometime we can swap locations. Here's a link

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